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Al Khuwair Gardens

Al Khuwair Gardens is a mixed use project addressing the need for a broader range of affordable rental options within the city. It is strategically located in the heart of Muscat, an area with tremendous growth potential. In addition to its strategic location, it has excellent connectivity to key commercial and financial centers with proximity to the international airport.

Project Type: Mixed - Use
Use: letting
Land size: 4854 sqm
Total Built-Up Area: 39,559 sqm
Total Leasable Area: 20,847 sqm
-Residential Area: 74% 15,429 sqm
-Retail Area: 24% 5,085 sqm
--Gym & Children Area: 2% 338 sqm
Number of Residential Units: 154 units
Number of Retail Units: 21 units
Construction Period: 2.5 Years
Construction Start Date: 2nd Quarter 2017
Project Status: Initiation
Location: Oman
Details: View Project Pictures

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